TikTok LIVE Subscriptions are HERE! Everything you need to know.

TikTok LIVE Subscriptions – Custom Emotes and More

TikTok is now joining the Live streaming competition with the new Live Subscription program for content creators! Getting discovered on TikTok has been a pretty easy feat, with the algorithm being very user-friendly to engage with audiences within your niche. Now, TikTok has stepped up to the plate to rival other streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Here’s everything you need to know if you have been invited to join the TikTok Live Subscription platform.

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Start Streaming on TikTok

Going live on Tiktok is rather simple. Streaming from the app itself is more user-friendly than other platforms such as YouTube or Twitch. Users can livestream directly from their devices without having to use third party software such as OBS.

  1. Open the TikTok app
  2. Tap “Create” at the bottom of the screen
  3. You can choose to upload a custom TikTok thumbnail and write a stream title for your TikTok stream
  4. Press “Go Live” to start streaming on TikTok

What is LIVE Subscription on TikTok?

TikTok has stepped up to the plate and announced the launch of the LIVE Subscription feature. The program essentially allows viewers of live streams to subscribe to streamers to support their favorite creators. As of October 2022, the program is strictly invite-only.

Like Twitch, this opens up an opportunity for content creators to make an income with their videos and streaming ventures. But, the viewers who choose to support content creators also gain perks in return!

TikTok Subscriber Badges

Like Twitch and YouTube, subscribers of a TikTok channel will receive a special badge that appears next to their name in chat for others to see. The longer the viewer is subscribed, the badges will change accordingly as the months go on for each consecutive subscription.

Custom Emotes for TikTok

This feature is the most hyped for content creators and viewers alike. Emotes are very popular Twitch feature and are now coming to TikTok. Streamers will be able to have their own custom emotes for TikTok streams. Emotes will only be used by subscribers of the channel.

Get your own custom TikTok Emojis

TikTok Subscriber-Only Chat

Same with Twitch, streamers will be able to enable “Subscriber Only Chat” – where only subscribers of said channel will be able to chat in the chatroom. This can make for fun, interactive and exclusive streams for supporters.

Where can I get Custom TikTok Emojis?

Many TikTok emote artists are open for commissions. Many artists charge different ranges for custom TikTok emotes. However, it’s important to remember that emotes are an investment for your stream and can be written as a business expense if you are to take streaming seriously.

Be wary of sites such as Fiverr, as those “artists” typically steal and sell emotes from other artists and streamers. The best way to avoid this is to find reputable artists and sources to get custom Twitch Emotes and Badges.