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Pink Polka Dots – Twitch Graphics Set


Make your Twitch channel cute and shine with this adorable Pink Polka Dot Twitch Graphics set! This set includes everything you need to revamp or get started on Twitch.


  • Simple stream overlay
  • Matching Webcam Overlay (with options of text or no text)
  • Twitch Alert Panels (Follower, Subscriber, Cheers, Host, and Donation)
  • Twitch Panels for Profile

Let Us Edit For You

If you’d like for us to customize the overlay for you (to add your username where appropriate), please check out our Design Service add-on

Twitch Overlay

This Twitch graphics set includes a matching simple overlay that sits directly at the bottom of the screen for minimalism. You can customize and add to it as you’d like! It does not include any text for customization purposes.

Along with the simple overlay, it includes a matching webcam overlay complete with an optional username and brackets to include shoutouts such as donations, followers, and subscribers. Included is a basic overlay as well for those who prefer not to have any text or boxes.

Simple pink alert panels are also included.

Twitch Offline / Stream Starting Soon Screens

Also included in this Twitch Streaming Set is matching offline and starting soon screens. PSD Files of the screens are included for further customization.

Twitch Panels

Complete your profile with panels to match your overlay!