How to Add Bit Badges on Twitch

So you’re a streamer on Twitch and you are wondering how to add bit badges to your stream. Look no further! Adding cheer badges to your stream is a very simple step and adds flair to your chat and for your viewers. But first… let’s talk about what bit badges are and what they mean for streams.

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Custom Twitch Cheer Bit Badges from RissaRambles

What are Twitch Bit Badges?

Bit Badges are an icon that appears next to a username in a stream’s chat. The viewer receives one of these icons when they donate to a stream using Twitch Bits. The more bits they donate, the higher the badge they will receive.

Twitch provides default badges for users to receive when they donate bits. However, many streamers choose to use custom bit badges for their streams to fit their branding and stream theme!

How Many Bit Badges are There on Twitch?

In total, there are 19 bit badges for a channel. What is the highest bit badge? The highest bit badge is for 1,000,000 bits. Users can donate bits over time to add to their total bits donated, rather than donating one large lump sum. These bit donations will still go towards their progress on achieving the next level badge.

How to Add Bit Badges on Twitch

Adding bit badges to your stream is very simple! Take your custom bit badges and make sure you have all three file sizes ready. Bit badges should have a transparent background (preferably PNG) and should be in three sizes: 72x72px, 36x36px, and 18x18px.

  • Log in to your Twitch dashboard at the top right corner
  • Click on Viewer Rewards and select Bits in the drop down menu
  • Upload your custom bit badges on Twitch

Where Can I Get Bit Badges?

There are plenty of resources to get custom bit badges. For one, many artists on Twitter take bit badges commissions often. Another resource is purchasing sets on sites such as Etsy and Ko-Fi. There may be other sources to get Twitch Bit Badges free. But, beware: There are a lot of scammers who redistribute stolen art. Beware of art sites, such as Fiverr, where a lot of theft happens. Look at the artists portfolio. If the art style varies in styles drastically, chances are they are using stolen material. (I’ve had plenty of people steal my designs and not even remove my watermark!)

Keep in mind that there are 19 badges total. A lot of streamers use the same design but show different colors, while other content creators have a unique design per tier. The possibilities are endless!

If you are having trouble coming up with Bit Badge Ideas, commissioning an artist for Twitch bit cheer badges can help!