Below are the current custom Twitch services I am offering. More services may be added as they become available. Please read below for ordering information. If you are ready to commission me, please fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Twitch Emotes | YouTube Emojis | Facebook Stickers

$35 USD Each + Tax

  • Custom Emotes are $35 USD each + Tax
  • (112×112, 56×56, 28×28) PNG files for upload
  • Minor revisions Included (such as color changes). If a new drawing is required, an additional emote must be purchased
  • Custom Twitch Emotes, YouTube Emojis, Facebook Stickers, Discord Emotes
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Sub Loyalty Badges

Starting at $30 USD

  • $30 per unique design
  • $140 for a complete set (6 Badges with unique designs – SAVE $40!)
  • $30 for one design w/different colors
  • (72×72, 36×36, 18×18) PNG files to upload
  • Can be used for YouTube Membership badges too!
Custom Twitch Badges | Subscriber Badges | Top Twitch Emote Artist | RissaRambles

Bit Badges | Cheer Badges

$120 USD (18 badges)

  • Price is for one design with different colors
  • Set includes 18 badges (1 Bit – 1Mil Bits)
  • Colors will follow Twitch badge default color scheme
  • (72×72, 36×36, 18×18) PNG files to upload
Twitch Cheer Badges | Twitch Emotes Cute | Custom Badges | RissaRambles

YouTube/Video Thumbnails

$15 – $50 USD

  • Custom Video Thumbnails for YouTube & Twitch
  • $15 for edited photos – $50 for custom drawn thumbnails
  • Receive high-quality, 1080px resolution thumbnail
  • Turnaround time within a week for photo edited thumbnails
  • Includes up to 3 revisions for drawn thumbnails
Youtube Thumbnail Maker | Custom Video Thumbnails | RissaRambles

Avatars / Profile Pictures

$65 USD

  • Custom avatar/icon to use on Twitch, YouTube, Social Media Profiles
  • Can be a cartoon version of you or a character
  • 500px PNG image (with or without background per client’s choice)
Custom Avatars | Twitch and Mixer Avatars | Commissions |


$85 USD

  • Custom Chibi
  • Can be a cartoon version of you or a character (OCs welcome too!)
  • 800px PNG image with transparent and white background

Commissions are OPEN

  • Full payment is required in order to secure your place in queue. Work will not be started unless payment has been received. There are no refunds. Prices are listed above, plus tax.
  • Payments must be made via PayPal only. You will receive a PayPal Invoice upon commission acceptance.
  • Rush Order option is available for an additional 50% of commission cost. (Jump ahead of the queue!)
  • Commissions are completed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Turnaround times may vary depending on current queue. You will be given an estimate.
  • Please include as much detail as possible in your inquiry regarding your commission. Please provide reference picture links (Imgur, Gyazo,  Instagram, or Google Drive), details on what you want in your emotes/badges/commission, etc.
  • I am unable to help you come up with ideas for emotes or badges for your channel. Please only inquire when you have a rough idea of what you want. Your community can also help you with ideas!
  • I will not draw mecha, hentai, or emotes that convey toxic/hatgeful/harmful messages. Also, small details such as tattoos will not translate well on emotes, so I will not focus on small details like that in a chibi emote.
  • I have the right to refuse and/or cancel a commission at any time.
  • Commissions are non-refundable. Commissions may be canceled if payment was not received.
  • Messages are responded to in the order of which they were received. I am a one-person studio, so response time may vary.
  • Commissions are for personal use only. Emotes and artwork may not be used on for-profit merchandise (shirts, stickers, etc.) unless otherwise stated.
  • Commission communication must be handled via email only. I will not conduct business over Twitter, Discord, or any other messaging service. Please do not give me your number.

Commission Order Form

Your message will be responded to in the order of which it was received. You will receive a response with confirmation and payment instructions for your commission. Due to the demand, response times may vary. Please allow a few business days for me to get to your message. Weekends and Holidays excluded. Thank you <3


  • Your Name
  • Your Twitch/YouTube/Facebook stream
  • Your PayPal email address (If different)
  • SUBJECT LINE: What kind of commission (Ex. Emotes, Badges, etc.)
  • Details of your commission request

Email all commission requests to RISSARAMBLESART@GMAIL.COM

All inquiries will be answered in the order of which they were received. Thank you!