5 Tips On How To Get Twitch Viewers

5 Tips On How To Get Twitch Viewers

Want to know how to get Twitch viewers? You started your stream, have a sick custom stream overlay, even have some emotes and sub badges in mind… but, what’s next? How does a streamer grow and get viewers? Unfortunately, there’s no quick guide on how to be a successful streamer.

Streaming takes a lot of hard work and consistency in order to make it as a full-time content creator. Many big streamers have been making content for years, working to grow their communities. Some times, it just takes a stroke of luck. Here are 5 tips on how to grow Twitch Channel in 2022.

Stream Consistently

This is the number one thing to do in order to get Twitch viewers. However, it’s arguably the most difficult step to do. Viewers aren’t going to watch your Twitch stream if you stream inconsistently. Sticking to a regular stream schedule is key to getting Twitch viewers and making sure your viewers are coming back.

Today’s day and age, it’s hard to have a regular stream schedule, especially if you have work or school. However, you need to think of your stream like a TV show back in the day. Shows were advertised to play at certain times of the day so viewers know when to tune in. It’s the same for your Twitch stream!

When is the best time to stream on Twitch?

Prime time hours are usually the best time to stream. If you’re in the US, think between 4-10pm EST. The best time to stream on Twitch would usually be when school is out and viewers are off work.

Weekends are hit-or-miss when it comes to streaming on Twitch. During the day on the weekends would be the better bet.

Build a Community Outside of Twitch

Let’s face it: how to get discovered on Twitch is a lost cause and makes it very hard to grow a Twitch channel. It’s very rare for viewers to find new streamers just by scrolling on Twitch. If you’re just starting out streaming, it’s impossible to get new viewers just by streaming alone.

So, what do you do?

Build a community outside of Twitch!

It’s important to advertise yourself, start networking, and interacting with potential viewers of your stream outside of Twitch. Start a Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram – the best social media platforms for streamers in 2022. Don’t go into other streams and advertise that you stream! That’s considered poor streamer etiquette. Instead, take some good gameplay clips and make a TikTok or Instagram Reel. Interact with other content in your niche on other platforms. Build a community.

Once you start gaining a following on other platforms, your followers will be interested in catching your streams!

Stream on TikTok and YouTube

In 2022, Twitch announced that their exclusivity contract would be dissolved for all streamers on the platform. This was a HUGE step for content creators, as partners and affiliates were not allowed to stream on other platforms and partners were not allowed to post VOD content until 24 hours after a stream.

So, how does this tip tell you how to get more Twitch viewers?

Stream on multiple platforms for maximum reach and discoverability!

Many streamers have taken to streaming on TikTok alongside Twitch. Why? Because the discoverability on TikTok is one of the easiest ways to gain viewers and followers. TikTok likes to push creator’s videos who are currently LIVE as well. It’s a win/win for new streamers and the best way to gain followers.

Have Fun Custom Twitch Emotes

What’s the number one incentive for a viewer to subscribe to a Twitch stream? Having cute, fun, and funny emotes! Many viewers will subscribe to Twitch streams because of their emotes. Having good custom emotes can increase your viewership and following and sub count.

How to get custom Twitch Emotes

Many Twitch emote artists are open for commissions. Many artists charge different ranges for custom Twitch emotes. However, it’s important to remember that emotes are an investment for your stream and can be written as a business expense if you are to take streaming seriously.

Be wary of sites such as Fiverr, as those “artists” typically steal and sell emotes from other artists and streamers. The best way to avoid this is to find reputable artists and sources to get custom Twitch Emotes and Badges.

Post Stream Content on All Platforms

Similar to building a community, posting gameplay clips on other platforms will help gain followers and help you grow your Twitch stream. Big streamers have video editors to make YouTube videos for their channels by taking clips from streams and editing them into aesthetically pleasing videos. Same with TikTok and Instagram.

Posting content on other platforms will help you grow your Twitch stream. Add an end slate to your videos stating when you will be live next.

Post content regularly. Be consistent! When is the best time to post on TikTok? You should aim to have at least three TikToks a week! Early morning postings typically do well (3am-8am) One YouTube video a week as well.

Have Fun!

The most important thing about Twitch streaming is to have fun with it. Streaming is not a get-rich quick scheme, nor is it something that will automatically make you a popular streamer in the first week. As long as you’re having fun with your content, it will reflect and show to your followers. Just remember, most streamers started out streaming as a hobby first before it became their career!